Courtesy Seat - HWDSB


At this time all HWDSB courtesy seat applications must be submitted to the school Principal (designate). The school Principal (designate) will review the application, consult with HWSTS regarding bus loading and routing information as necessary and will reach a decision regarding approval. If the application is approved, the school will contact the family and provide the stop location, stop times, bus route info and effective start date. All approved forms are sent to HWSTS where the new rider information will be recorded into our routing software. Students will not appear on the bus ridership lists until HWSTS has recorded approved application rider information into the routing software.

NOTE: Approved courtesy seat applications will not be processed by HWSTS staff during the fall start-up period annually until after eligible student ridership has been stabilized. Typically HWSTS will commence the courtesy seat process in late September - early October but final approvals / notifications may not be issued until November.

A printable version of the application form has been provided below for your convenience; once completed please return it to your school.

HWDSB Courtesy Seat Application Form