Policy & Procedures

Although HWSTS is working towards a unified service for all students, there are some differences between the polices of our Member Boards. HWSTS is committed to fulfilling the approved service parameters for both Member Boards and we encourage you to explore the policies listed below or contact our offices directly for further information.


Policy NamePolicy Number
Transportation Policy (HWDSB)3.10
Transportation Policy Procedure (HWDSB)3.10
Student Transportation (HWCDSB)S.T.01
Student Transportation Procedure (HWCDSB)S.T.01
Student Conduct on School Buses (HWCDSB)S.T.02
Late Buses – Secondary School Students (HWCDSB)S.T.05


Procedure NameProcedure Number
Procedures for Vehicle Drivers (HWDSB)
Procedures for Parents and Guardians (HWDSB)
Procedures for School Principals (or designate) (HWDSB)
Student Code of Conduct on School-Related Vehicles (HWDSB)
Procedure for Student Transportation – Request for Joint/Shared Custody Transportation (HWCDSB).S.T.01
Eligibility CriteriaHWSTS-OP-0101-10
Walk to StopHWSTS-OP-0102-10
Ride TimeHWSTS-OP-0103-10
New StudentHWSTS-OP-0104-10
Transit UseHWSTS-OP-0105-10
Courtesy Rider / Empty SeatHWSTS-OP-0106-10
Inclement WeatherHWSTS-OP-0107-10
Arrivals and Departures WindowHWSTS-OP-0108-10
Bell Time SpreadHWSTS-OP-0109-10
Digital Map MaintenanceHWSTS-OP-0111-10
Missing StudentsHWSTS-OP-0113-10
Accident / IncidentHWSTS-OP-0114-10
Changes to Student DataHWSTS-OP-0116-10
Management of DataHWSTS-OP-0117-10
Use of Service Animals & Support PersonsHWSTS-OP-0120-12

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