At HWSTS safety is a paramount consideration in all aspects of our operations. We demonstrate this commitment by ensuring we have the most up to date student information from our member School Boards, by ensuring we have up to date technology with data integrity and security features, by incorporating safety considerations in our school bus routing design process, in undertaking proactive communications with stakeholders regarding changes, by contracting reputable student transportation providers, by incorporating safety related elements in our service agreements and by continuously implementing more effective processes.

HWSTS also believes that a commitment to school bus safety should include meaningful training programs for students and drivers. We tangibly demonstrate our commitment to school bus safety training through a number of dynamic programs targeted to both students and school bus drivers. More specifically HWSTS partners with school bus service providers and conducts annual "First Rider" programs at multiple locations across the district to introduce new JK / SK students to school bus safety. HWSTS also conducts multiple driver in service sessions annually to provide relevant training for our bus drivers as well as recognizing their dedication and outstanding efforts.

We invite you to explore the links below for more information regarding these HWSTS safety training initiatives.