The Safe Rider Program / Rider Role Model


Since 2003, Intertrain has been the leader in in-school, student school bus safety and behaviour training in Ontario. Currently provided at 23 Ontario school boards from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa in the North, and Sarnia to Niagara Falls in the South, Intertrain provides exciting, dynamic programs for two grade ranges. All of our programs utilize age-appropriate materials and teaching principles reviewed by a Master’s in Education. These 30 minute programs are held in the school gymnasium for groups of 250 to 300 students per session.

The Safe Rider Program Starring Buster the Bus:

The Safe Rider Program Starring Buster the BusA 100% annually revised and re-themed program for primary students in junior kindergarten to grade 3. With a focus on basic safety, students are provided with the most comprehensive, interactive and exciting program available today. Two trainers, Buster the robotic school bus, a huge projection screen and on-screen cartoon characters provide a program covering topics from how to walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus safely, to boarding the bus, appropriate riding behaviours, and getting off the bus and crossing in front. Each attending student is provided with a bi-annually revised activity book to take home for review.

Target Audience: Grades JK-3.

The Rider Role Model Program Starring YOU!

The Rider Role Model Program Starring YOU!A 100% annually revised and re-themed program for junior/intermediate students in grades 4 to 8. Focusing on both safety as well as behaviour, these exciting, immersive programs appeal to older students’ sense of maturity and desire to be seen as positive role-models for younger school bus riders. Topics include basic safety, the danger zone, bullying, respect, vandalism and much more. Often game-show themed, these exciting programs capture the attention of your junior/intermediate students and give a fresh approach to communicating expected behaviours and safety rules to a hard to reach audience. Each of the 14 student volunteers involved as volunteer participants receive a special gift to take home.

Target Audience: Grades 4-8.

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Intertrain Inc.