Service - French Immersion Routes


In accordance with article 10 of the approved HWDSB transportation policy:

"Notwithstanding statements elsewhere in this policy and conditional upon availability of transportation funding, some transportation services may be provided for the following program priorities:

Assistance for student success - any additional provision to be limited to match the amount provided by the Ministry for transportation under the student success component of the Learning Opportunities grant.

French Immersion

It is explicitly noted that the nature and extent of any potential expansion of transportation services to address these program priorities is entirely subject to availability of funding."

All students meeting eligibility criteria for transportation service (including French Immersion) are sent individual letters detailing their service arrangements. These letters will generally be received at residences via traditional mail in early August annually. The HWDSB approved French Immersion transportation service modes are as follows:

  • Grades 1-6: Yellow and black school bus.
  • Grades 7-8: HSR transit passes*
  • Grades 9-12: HSR transit passes*

*Areas identified as rural / limited HSR service may be eligible for alternate service modes. Contact HWSTS for more details.