Service - JK/SK


HWSTS and both of our Member Boards take the safety of all students seriously.

We believe that our youngest riders deserve some additional orientation support as they start riding school buses. For this reason, HWSTS provides First Rider orientation / safety training sessions for JK/SK students and their guardians annually in August at multiple locations across the district. Check out our SAFETY page on this website for further details including the date and locations of the next First Rider sessions.

We also insist that our youngest riders be accompanied by appropriate guardians while waiting for the bus in the morning and be met by appropriate guardians when they are dropped off in the afternoon. In fact, both of our Member Boards feel so strongly about ensuring these youngest riders are accompanied that they included a clause right in their transportation policies.

There are some minor differences between the polices of our Member Boards regarding JK/SK accompaniment. HWSTS is committed to fulfilling the approved service parameters for both Member Boards and we encourage you to explore the individual links listed below or contact our offices directly for further information.